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A New Mat in the Kitchen

I’ve had a mat under my dish drainer in the kitchen for a couple of years, that was an applique I did. Although it was among one of my first projects, I’ve always liked it and was proud of it. You can see it here. Actually looking back, it’s been four years already!

It was time for a new mat, as the first one had been washed many, many times. I’ve actually been quite happy with how the raw edge applique has held up over time. Here I am auditioning some yellow fabric for the leaf shapes I have built.


But house guests were on their way, so it was time to whip up something new. I took my inspiration from the book Whip Up Mini Quilts by Kathleen Ricketson, and more specifically the Blattwerk project found on page 107.

I always tend to modify things, but appreciate and honor the work that comes before.  The leaves are constructed from some small scraps of batik I received at a free fabric giveaway at the Triangle Modern Quilt Guild.

Here’s a picture of my latest kitchen mat. If you attempt this based on the book’s instructions, be aware that her instructions on flipping right and left halves seems inaccurate to me. Maybe I was just confused, but you’ll figure it out.


And here’s one in an artsy presentation, as one pretends to live. I really like the open look of this mat, and it will go well with the other mat, which I’ll continue to keep in my kitchen rotation.


So now I am ready for the in-laws to arrive, with my cute new dish drainer mat.

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