A Few Handmade Xmas Gifts this Year

I made a few of my Christmas gifts this year.  A cousin and his two young sons got these toolbelts:

Tool Belts, at Craftalife.com

They are made from old denim jeans. I bought poly webbing (1″ I think) and buckles and adjusters to match, on eBay.  The width is adjustable as each child grows. We put their names on them in iron-on vinyl, using our silhouette cutter, although that is not shown. It came out really cute though, and the silhouette cut the vinyl like a dream.  If I were just making an adult belt, I might have gone with a 1.5 or 2″ width belt webbing for structure.  But the ages of the children were 2 and 6, so I didn’t want to weight them down.  These are the buckles and belting that I used. The toolbelts were derived from these by Debbie Shore.

I also did this scarf for a grab bag gift.  It is circular, and has batting between the two layers. I used this tutorial at Sew Homegrown. I loved the soft feel. (The fabric was prewashed.)

Quilted Scarf, at Craftalife.com I wanted to use some embroidery floss to possibly hand stitch some minimal quilting like in the tutorial.  I gave it a try and thought it looked awful, so I ripped it out.  Hand sewing of any kind is not within my skillset.  So, I wound some double stranded floss onto a bobbin, and wound some double stranded floss onto a spool, crossed my fingers, threaded my machine (!) and slowly sewed.  And it worked great! I was quite surprised, as the sources I found on the web said it would never work, especially as the top thread. This shows a closeup.  I used a 10mm basting stitch length, and buried the start and finish knots as best I could. Some of the stitches came out a bit wobbly and loose, but I tried to tighten them a little before tying it off. I was very happy overall.  Because of the minimal quilting, I would recommend handwashing to keep its shape.

Closeup - Using sewing machine to sew with perle cotton, at Craftalife.com

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