Halloween Pumpkin Fun

I saw a photo of some white pumpkins which Martha Stewart or her staff had decorated for Halloween, and I wanted to see if I could get close to the goal.  My husband and I like to decorate for Halloween! We put lights on the tree in the yard and have hanging spider webs and other frightful stuff.  My husband, especially, likes to see and talk with the very young children about their costumes. Here is a picture and link to the Martha Stewart project. They are called Undead Pumpkins. Here is Martha’s pic: From Martha Stewart. Undead PumpkinsAnd here is my attempt to do the same thing.  I didn’t really look at her templates and instructions too much, just got the general idea. We didn’t use the white pumpkins, just got regular orange ones. The whites are more expensive. Plus mine have lights that light up at night!

Pumpkins, at Craftalife.com

Not too bad!! The eyes are pingpong balls colored with Sharpies. I could have made the red veining in the eyes more prominent, or it may just be the much better Martha Stewart photography.  I’m not usually a Martha follower, but I came across these and wanted to try it.

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