Testing Dye Colors

I’ve bought a number of Procion MX dyes lately, from both Dharma Trading and ProChemical, and decided to do some small samples. I soaked a narrow strip of fabric in soda ash and let it dry.  Then I cut it down into small squares, about 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 “. In little baggies, I put a small amount of water and tiny amount of each dye (perhaps an 1/8 tsp?) and smooshed it around to dissolve the dye. I put a fabric square in each baggie and let it sit for a several hours.

Making Procion MX Dye Color Samples, at Craftalife.comAfter washing out the dye and drying with an iron (too impatient to just let something air dry), I used a glue stick to attach the squares to a printed form that I had created in Word. I keep them in a notebook, along with other samples I’ve done. The amount of dye used was very haphazard, and I’m sure there was too much dye in several cases.  But it has proved to be a good reference. Here are my results:

Making Procion MX Dye Samples, at Craftalife.com


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