Molasses Resist Results

Molasses Resist After OverdyeingCloser Look at Molasses Resist after OverdyeingHi – an actual reader other than my husband (Yay!) asked that I follow up on the results of my molasses resist, from back in October.  Not to be making excuses (hmmm) but after that last post, I went on my long overdue honeymoon, then there was all the holiday stuff, etc etc. OK.  So I will try to bang out a number of posts in the next week, to try to catch up a little.

On to the molasses resist.  This was really quite easy, and I think effective.  The results would have been more clear if I had over-dyed with more of a contrasting color, but I think you can see the effect.

The picture above clearly shows my rings, and application was pretty easy. The whole process was a little sticky, though.  I think this would work well when fine detail is not required.

Here’s a closer look.  I wish now that I had tried to do a more complex pattern of some sort, to see how it would have turned out.  Next time.

I’m loving playing with fabric dyes, and have a project in the works that will involve stamping and stencils with thickened dye.  Hopefully, more on that later.

And thanks to Hilary for reminding me to post my results!

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