Spoonflower: Design Your Own Fabric!

I’ve been messing around with fabric design lately.  Spoonflower is a digital textile printing company, that will produce fabric based on your designs!  So I’ve been making some designs while simultaneously trying to learn photoshop.  My husband has the software, so I didn’t have to pay the huge expense.  And you don’t need to use photoshop, there are other tools that are open source (free) that are also very good.  Check out Inkscape and Gimp.

I put together a few designs, and decided to have Spoonflower print me a set of samples.  These are small (8×8″?) pieces that will show you what your fabric looks like, and how well it tiles (repeats).

Here’s my first sampler of five designs (four are just different colorways of the same design).2013-08-01 11.20.07 The one on the left is too dark to see the pattern, and I plan to work on that one more.  I really like the others, and just need to work on the background colors a bit. I wish my photos showed the colors better

Color is the hardest part, because what you see on your monitor is not what the printer spits out.  So I also ordered the Spoonflower Color Map – a one yard piece of fabric with about a thousand color blocks, so you can see how certain colors will print.  Even with all those colors, it’s still just a sample of all the colors you can achieve.2013-08-01 11.21.08I plan to do more with this.  It’s very exciting to see your ideas turned into fabric!  And you can get everything printed on high quality Kona cotton, as well as other types of fabrics.  Even knits!

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