Working on a Birthday Quilt

2012-08-25 22.02.22For about the past week or so, I have been making a small quilt for my mother’s 80th birthday. Just a rather smallish lap-sized quilt. The idea, based on food, came to me while sitting in a restaurant. My mother is mostly wheelchair bound, other than short walks around the apartment she shares with my father. So this quilt is something she could keep on her lap while in her wheelchair or in her motorized chair. They say this winter may be cold. Last winter was hardly a winter at all, but maybe they are right.

In the center section, the quilt will have five 8×8 blocks that are paper-pieced pictures of food. The alternating blocks are extremely simple 4 squares. When you are 80, have poor health, no longer read much, and take a lot of naps, food becomes a major force in your life. What are we having for lunch? What did I dislike about the dinner last night? Your day’s rhythms are based on meals. I did a search, and found five paper-pieced patterns of food online that I thought my mother would like. We have a slice of cake, a piece of watermelon, a cup of tea, a cupcake, and a margarita. (My mother can’t drink too much, but she does love a bit now and then.)

The first paper piecing I ever did was for the piggy pillow. And it was fun! It’s like paint-by-numbers with fabric. Only backwards and in reverse.

My mother’s birthday is in about a month, so I have some time to finish this. So far I have the center section complete, and am trying to come up with the left and right hand sections. Here is the center section so far:

In thinking about my mother’s upcoming birthday, I have also been thinking about some high school friends. I’ve not been in touch enough. Or not at all. Reaching out persists in being difficult for me. But maybe I will try to express some of my thoughts to them here. And then try it in the real world at some point.

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