Yellow as the Sun

I’ve completed my mat for the kitchen dish drainer.

Such a utilitarian purpose.  For the first time, I did some real quilting – not just ‘in the ditch’.  And the colors match my kitchen very well.  The quilting was a little daunting–trying to follow the form of the bowl, and then quilting the border with lines that cross in the corners.  The bowl applique design is taken from Passionate Patchwork by Kaffe Fassett.

quilt-0021This is the kitchen mat for the counter. The bowl design is taken from Kasse Fassett.

The piece sat for a few days while I decided on the binding.  I was originally going to bind it with the backing fabric – which is the same as the orangey shadow inside the bowl.  But I didn’t have enough fabric and my trips to a couple stores didn’t turn up anything.  I couldn’t remember where I had gotten it.  I thought I didn’t have enough of the yellow either, but I squeezed it out, piecing it together from smaller scraps. I need to work on how I join the two ends of the binding.  That’s the ‘bulge’ you see on the right side – I left the joined binding too long, and it bunches up a bit.  But I think I know what went wrong, and how to do better on the next one.

Here is the mat on the kitchen counter – I think the blues and yellows coordinate well.

quilt-0031The mat was designed to match the blue counter and yellow and blue tiles.

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