Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I am working on a new quilted piece – something for the kitchen, for under the dish drainer.  I know – such a mundane location for something that will take me hours.

I have always liked to create things with a practical purpose.  Just making something to put on the wall does not, at this point, have the same level of attraction.  Maybe when I have more confidence in my design skills I will want to make art for art’s sake.  But for now, I want practicality.  I guess I feel a practical purpose will overcome any design or technical flaws.

So my project right now has 3 central blocks, with a repeating applique motif.  The applique is fused on with fusible web, and now I am outlining each applique with a zigzag stitch.  Wow – who knew this part would be so hard?

I’ve had to rip out several attempts, and am hoping some of the other askew sewing won’t be too noticeable.  After all, it will be underneath the dish drainer…

But one block is finished, and I am getting better at it. I’ve had to bring in my magnifier light, because the primary problem was that I couldn’t see what I was doing – couldn’t see where the stitches were landing.  So I’m trying to improve the lighting in my workspace, and may try sewing without my contact lens.  I have one contact lens, for reading only, but it means that although I can see close up, I have little to no depth perception when wearing it.  Seems obvious to take it out, but it’s a tradeoff.

Assuming I get the applique blocks completed, next step is a pair of left and right borders.  I’ve been designing that part in my head, thinking of different options.  I think I will be using the same 3 colors that are highlighted in the 3 applique blocks.  Something stripey and perhaps skewed.  We’ll see.  Next time, I will try to post a picture of the 3 central blocks, when the applique step is complete.

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