Progress Feels So Good

 central-quilt-blocks1Here are the central blocks for the dish drainer quilt.

My dish drainer quilt is moving along nicely!  Last night I finished the applique on the 3 central blocks, and also added the side panels.  They came together so easily, and I like the effect.  Here’s a pic – next step is to add the borders all around, which will be a yellow fabric. The yellow will tie into the yellow tile in the kitchen. The dark blue above the bowls is a good match for the dark blue quartz counter tops, too.

Also below is a picture of my magnifier setup.  It is a magnifier surrounded by LED lights, that you can bend into position.  I can pretty easily move it out of the way when it is not needed.  I got it on sale early this year at a woodworking store called Woodcraft.

sewing-with-lighted-magnifier1Sewing with Lighted Magnifier

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