Every Space Needs A Window


Every creative space needs a window to gaze on the world. Since my new space is without a window, my very first idea was to create a window. I’m not sure why I thought to do this in fabric, but it was as if the idea was born fully formed. I had to work out the details on scale and proportions, and do some research on quilting,which I’ve never done, and of course buy some fabric and a few other goodies.

I’ve always had a sewing machine, and am now on the third hand-me-down machine from my mother. She used to sew a a lot, but her eyes aren’t what they used to be, so last year she sent me her very new and basically unused Janome. I haven’t done that much with it – just mending and such. But my sewing cabinet has lived in my closet for years now, so when I moved my craft space there too, it seemed natural to do something on my largely untried sewing machine.

And I am so thrilled with the result. Sewing seems to be something I can successfully do in tiny increments, as my body allows more or less according to the day. So many other crafty enterprises of mine depended on being able to devote larger blocks of time, and either I couldn’t concentrate that long or it caused too many problems for me physically. But so far, this seems to be something I can do.

I don’t have it up on my ‘studio’ wall yet, but here it is, fully finished. It is quilted, and measures about 20″ x 24″. The colors are so happy and invigorating. Yay!

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