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Snow Dyeing from the Spring

I did some snow dyeing earlier in the spring.  I always love the way these turn out.  I actually did two sessions, but I tried to capture my method, so some of these pics are from one session, and some are from the other.

I start off by soaking my pre-washed cotton fabric in a soda ash solution.  For simplicity’s sake, I mix up 1 Cup of sodium carbonate powder (soda ash) in 1 Gallon of warm water.  Some recipes are a little different, but this seems to work just fine and it’s easy.  Soak your fabric for 10-15 minutes in the soda ash. This soda ash solution will keep forever, so the leftovers can just be poured back into your container.

Snow Dyeing, at Craftalife.comHere’s my setup.  I have a larger plastic bin, and a plastic-coated mesh basket.  In between them, I have some small plastic contains, to lift the mesh bin off the bottom.  You want to avoid having your fabric (in the mesh bin) sitting later in the melted snow and dye, or your colors can get muddy. Don’t use metal containers, as they can react with the dyes, and the dye will just rinse off the plastic later.  But the containers must never be used for food again.

Directions Quilt Layout on the Design Wall -

Stretching Beyond my Comfort Zone

Directions Quilt Layout on the Design Wall -
I think this is close to the final layout of my HST quilt, up on the design wall. I’m still filling in some of the background in this picture.  I need a name for this thing. Any suggestions?

I did have some off white squares in the mix earlier, but they seemed to be throwing it off, so I replaced them with more blue and gray. It seems very busy looking, and outside my norm. I’ve never done anything like this before. Hence the ‘stretch’ for me.  Here it is earlier in the process:Directions Quilt Layout on the Design Wall -

I plan to sew it together in 5×5 quadrants. The whole thing is 19 x 14 blocks, and it ended up roughly 74″ x 55″.  I can’t wait to post the final pictures!

Here’s some progress, with some of the quadrants sewn together. You can see all the blues and grays added to the background here. The pieces from the open space are on my sewing table now. I am really liking the way it is turning out!

Directions Quilt Layout on the Design Wall -