Brother general purpose foot plus ankle, at

Vacuum Hack for Cleaning your Sewing Machine

So the other day I decided I really need to clean out my sewing machine.  It was making too many cachunkachunk noises lately.  Now, I replace my needle often, and even put a piece of tape on my machine with info on my currently installed needle: the needle type, size, and date changed. That way I can always remember.  Usually I have either a Schmetz Microtex sharp size 70/10 or a Schmetz Quilting Needle size 75/11, but a recent bulky project had me using a size 18.  The piece of tape helps me always remember what’s in there.

I kept thinking I should check under the hood, but kept getting distracted by one thing or another.  But today was the day.

If you know how to take apart your machine and clean out the bobbin race and all the other spaces under your needle plate, skip forward to my vacuum hack, simply perfect for getting all that dust out.  If you need a refresher, continue reading.

First, remove your foot and ankle.  The ones on the sewing machine, not your body.  Most machines today have a snap-on foot and a separate ankle that removes with a screw.  My machine is a Brother QC1000, but I think these pictures are representative of the typical machines you will find.

Brother general purpose foot plus ankle, at