Snow Dyeing from the Spring

I did some snow dyeing earlier in the spring.  I always love the way these turn out.  I actually did two sessions, but I tried to capture my method, so some of these pics are from one session, and some are from the other. I start off by soaking my pre-washed cotton fabric in a soda ash solution.  For simplicity’s sake, I mix up 1 Cup of sodium carbonate powder.. Read More

Snow Dyeing

Last week’s snow had me trying some snow dyeing. World’s worst photos above, of three separate half-yards.  ProChemical has some good basic instructions.  I used powder dye (not liquid as described by ProChem) over about 3 inches of snow, which melted onto the scrunched (and soda-prepped) fabric below. I expedited matters a little with a heating pad on low. The first pic shows all 3 half-yards I dyed. The red.. Read More