A Little Fabric Dyeing

Did a little fabric dyeing this month, and have only this one picture to share. I need to make some things with all the hand-dyed fabrics I’ve been accumulating.

Snow Dyeing

Last week’s snow had me trying some snow dyeing. World’s worst photos above, of three separate half-yards.  ProChemical has some good basic instructions.  I used powder dye (not liquid as described by ProChem) over about 3 inches of snow, which melted onto the scrunched (and soda-prepped) fabric below. I expedited matters a little with a heating pad on low. The first pic shows all 3 half-yards I dyed. The red.. Read More

Pancake Batter Resist!

I’ve been trying to learn about different dyeing techniques, and recently, I tried a pancake batter resist.  Yes, pancake batter.  You’ve heard of using flour or other starches to create a resist for fabric dyeing. But I had a box of rather ancient pancake mix, so I thought Why Not? I don’t have any ‘in process’ pictures, but the results were quite intriguing. The first two pictures show the front side.. Read More

Molasses Resist Results

Hi – an actual reader other than my husband (Yay!) asked that I follow up on the results of my molasses resist, from back in October.  Not to be making excuses (hmmm) but after that last post, I went on my long overdue honeymoon, then there was all the holiday stuff, etc etc. OK.  So I will try to bang out a number of posts in the next week, to.. Read More

Testing Dye Colors

I’ve bought a number of Procion MX dyes lately, from both Dharma Trading and ProChemical, and decided to do some small samples. I soaked a narrow strip of fabric in soda ash and let it dry.  Then I cut it down into small squares, about 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 “. In little baggies, I put a small amount of water and tiny amount of each dye (perhaps an 1/8.. Read More