‘Directions’ Pillows

Directions Pillows, at craftalife.com

I made some pillows from the leftovers from the Directions Quilt, and gave them to my son and his girlfriend, to go along with the quilt. I hope the quilt and pillows together make their couch very cozy!

Directions Quilt Finished and Gifted!

I completed the Directions quilt, and am very pleased.  When I started this project, I was very unsure about it, and the whole thing was designed as I went along.  The prints are all from the Comma line by Zen Chic. The solids are Kona cotton, plus some solid charm squares I had of unknown origin. This is a photo of the completed top, pinned to my design wall. 

Directions Quilt Top Completed

This is the completed quilt top for what I have now named the Directions quilt. It has grown on me tremendously over time. I was very unsure, and it really grew kind of organically from a small idea.

Stretching Beyond my Comfort Zone

I think this is close to the final layout of my HST quilt, up on the design wall. I’m still filling in some of the background in this picture.  I need a name for this thing. Any suggestions? I did have some off white squares in the mix earlier, but they seemed to be throwing it off, so I replaced them with more blue and gray. It seems very busy.. Read More

Work in Progress, Designing as I Go…

I had a bunch of charm squares of the Comma fabric line by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic, plus some solids, so I’m putting them together into…..something. Designing as I go. These fabrics are really outside my comfort zone, plus I’ve not done half square triangles before. So the picture shows how far I’ve gotten. Some are finished, some need to be trimmed, some aren’t even cut in half yet… Read More