Spoonflower: Design Your Own Fabric!

I’ve been messing around with fabric design lately.  Spoonflower is a digital textile printing company, that will produce fabric based on your designs!  So I’ve been making some designs while simultaneously trying to learn photoshop.  My husband has the software, so I didn’t have to pay the huge expense.  And you don’t need to use photoshop, there are other tools that are open source (free) that are also very good. .. Read More

Color Palette for King Sized Quilt Project

  This is the color palette I am working on for my first king-sized quilt.  It will be based on the Paintbox quilt by  Elizabeth Hartman at Oh Fransson. I drafted a larger block size, and will only have 16 color combinations instead of 32.  Oh, and I think I am going to go with a darker sashing.  Undecided right now.