New Bee Quilt, and a Sad Day

My quilting bee has made another fantastic quilt this year, for the guild’s Heritage Day auction.  It turned out just wonderfully, even if it is a bit traditional for our tastes.  We started with some fabric that was donated – a kit with no directions. It was all blue and tan (very blah), so we added some red, and I made a design for it, based on the fabric we had.  The border fabric was a no-brainer, as it had a wide border design.  There are 25 star blocks in the middle in alternating colors, a couple smaller borders and the big border.  We sewed all the borders together as a unit and attached them at one time to the sides, before mitering the corners as a single unit. That was Noi’s very good idea.  I think this made it so much easier. I think everyone in the bee played a big role in the quilt. We had several ‘sew-together’ days, as well as block kits that folks took home with them.

Click along to see the queen size quilt and to understand our sadness.

Ethic Echoes Quilt made by Bee, at

New Bee Group Quilt Called Ethnic Echoes

Hi. My quilting bee and I have been working on a quilt called Ethnic Echoes, to be auctioned off at the local Heritage Day Fair Event.  It is from a kit, but we have been very happy with the result. You can better see some of the ethnic influenced fabrics if you click on the picture.

Ethic Echoes Quilt made by Bee, at Craftalife.comIf anyone wants very nice donation quilts for an absolute steal, come to Heritage Day in Raleigh (every October).  The value you can get for some of these quilts is unbelievable. There were about 100 quilts donated by guild members and auctioned off. The revenue is split between the guild, for speakers and the like, and a local charity, which changes each year. The Ethnic Echoes quilt above was purchased at the auction by my husband to give to his mother for her birthday.

Big Block Quilt, at

Bee Project Quilt

My quilting bee belongs to a guild that makes lots of quilts for charities.  So the bee decided to pick a single block design and blow that block up to a small quilt size.  A big block quilt.  Once we had the design, we each made a quilt, using our own fabrics.  I think six or seven people participated.  They were all great!  For mine, I added an applique in the center, plus a border.

Big Block Quilt, at

It was a simple project to do, and we enjoyed seeing how different the various quilts looked, all based on the same design. Here’s an awful picture of us holding our quilts.  No one was prepared for this picture, as I’m sure you can tell.

Big Block Quilt Group Projects, at