Directions Quilt Finished and Gifted!

I completed the Directions quilt, and am very pleased.  When I started this project, I was very unsure about it, and the whole thing was designed as I went along.  The prints are all from the Comma line by Zen Chic. The solids are Kona cotton, plus some solid charm squares I had of unknown origin.

This is a photo of the completed top, pinned to my design wall.  (more…)

A Few Handmade Xmas Gifts this Year

I made a few of my Christmas gifts this year.  A cousin and his two young sons got these toolbelts:

Tool Belts, at

They are made from old denim jeans. I bought poly webbing (1″ I think) and buckles and adjusters to match, on eBay.  The width is adjustable as each child grows. We put their names on them in iron-on vinyl, using our silhouette cutter, although that is not shown. It came out really cute though, and the silhouette cut the vinyl like a dream.  If I were just making an adult belt, I might have gone with a 1.5 or 2″ width belt webbing for structure.  But the ages of the children were 2 and 6, so I didn’t want to weight them down.  These are the buckles and belting that I used. The toolbelts were derived from these by Debbie Shore. (more…)

Halloween Pumpkin Fun

I saw a photo of some white pumpkins which Martha Stewart or her staff had decorated for Halloween, and I wanted to see if I could get close to the goal.  My husband and I like to decorate for Halloween! We put lights on the tree in the yard and have hanging spider webs and other frightful stuff.  My husband, especially, likes to see and talk with the very young children about their costumes. Here is a picture and link to the Martha Stewart project. They are called Undead Pumpkins. Here is Martha’s pic: From Martha Stewart. Undead PumpkinsAnd here is my attempt to do the same thing.  I didn’t really look at her templates and instructions too much, just got the general idea. We didn’t use the white pumpkins, just got regular orange ones. The whites are more expensive. Plus mine have lights that light up at night!

Pumpkins, at

Not too bad!! The eyes are pingpong balls colored with Sharpies. I could have made the red veining in the eyes more prominent, or it may just be the much better Martha Stewart photography.  I’m not usually a Martha follower, but I came across these and wanted to try it.

New Bee Group Quilt Called Ethnic Echoes

Hi. My quilting bee and I have been working on a quilt called Ethnic Echoes, to be auctioned off at the local Heritage Day Fair Event.  It is from a kit, but we have been very happy with the result. You can better see some of the ethnic influenced fabrics if you click on the picture.

Ethic Echoes Quilt made by Bee, at Craftalife.comIf anyone wants very nice donation quilts for an absolute steal, come to Heritage Day in Raleigh (every October).  The value you can get for some of these quilts is unbelievable. There were about 100 quilts donated by guild members and auctioned off. The revenue is split between the guild, for speakers and the like, and a local charity, which changes each year. The Ethnic Echoes quilt above was purchased at the auction by my husband to give to his mother for her birthday.

A Little Fabric Dyeing

Did a little fabric dyeing this month, and have only this one picture to share. I need to make some things with all the hand-dyed fabrics I’ve been accumulating.

Hand Dyed Fabric, at