Every Space Needs A Window

Every Space Needs A Window Every creative space needs a window to gaze on the world.  Since my new space is without a window, my very first idea was to create a window.  I'm not sure why I thought to do this in fabric, but it was as if the idea was born ...


A New Space to Work

  First priority has been a new space to work.  We were trying to get rid of some old stuff in the big walk-in closet recently, and it occurred to me that with a little reorganizing and by pitching a few things, I could create an art space for me ...


Craft A Life

I am in a new stage in my life - newly empty nest, upcoming wedding, and searching for new meaning for this next stage.  I want to expand my creative horizons, try out new skills, and develop more confidence in my ability to create.   I started this blog ...