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Traveling Handmade

I’m taking a big trip in only three weeks. A big trip to Europe. On a boat. On a river! So I’ve been making some things to take with me. Today I finished my custom luggage tags and two weeks ago I made a new crossbody totebag. I took the totebag on a trial run to DC for the March for Science, which was April 22nd. It was a great.. Read More

Hand Dyed Triangle Quilt – Trying Layouts

I’m working on a triangle quilt made from my hand dyed fabric. It’s been a long process, as the quilt is big. It will be a gift, so I’ll only show a peek right now.  This picture doesn’t show the final layout, though.  I’ve actually got all the rows done now!  More on this later!

New Bee Quilt, and a Sad Day

My quilting bee has made another fantastic quilt this year, for the guild’s Heritage Day auction.  It turned out just wonderfully, even if it is a bit traditional for our tastes.  We started with some fabric that was donated – a kit with no directions. It was all blue and tan (very blah), so we added some red, and I made a design for it, based on the fabric we.. Read More