King Size Paint Box Quilt Blocks Finished!

It was so gratifying to finally finish all of these 64 blocks.  There are 4 blocks in each set (2 positive, 2 negative), with 16 color sets (light and dark). This block design is from Elizabeth Hartman at Oh Fransson! I just redrafted it to a larger size. Now onto squaring the blocks and choosing the sashing. White or charcoal?

Snow Dyeing

Last week’s snow had me trying some snow dyeing. World’s worst photos above, of three separate half-yards.  ProChemical has some good basic instructions.  I used powder dye (not liquid as described by ProChem) over about 3 inches of snow, which melted onto the scrunched (and soda-prepped) fabric below. I expedited matters a little with a heating pad on low. The first pic shows all 3 half-yards I dyed. The red.. Read More