Work in Progress, Designing as I Go…

I had a bunch of charm squares of the Comma fabric line by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic, plus some solids, so I’m putting them together into…..something. Designing as I go. These fabrics are really outside my comfort zone, plus I’ve not done half square triangles before. So the picture shows how far I’ve gotten. Some are finished, some need to be trimmed, some aren’t even cut in half yet… Read More

Progress on my king quilt

I’ve made slow progress on my king size quilt project. This one is for our bed. I’ve never done anything this big. So 12 of 16 block sets are complete. Don’t they look yummy! The block design is a slightly modified Paint Box block from Elizabeth Hartman. Soon I’ll need to decide on the sashing and borders.

Pancake Batter Resist!

I’ve been trying to learn about different dyeing techniques, and recently, I tried a pancake batter resist.  Yes, pancake batter.  You’ve heard of using flour or other starches to create a resist for fabric dyeing. But I had a box of rather ancient pancake mix, so I thought Why Not? I don’t have any ‘in process’ pictures, but the results were quite intriguing. The first two pictures show the front side.. Read More

Molasses Resist Results

Hi – an actual reader other than my husband (Yay!) asked that I follow up on the results of my molasses resist, from back in October.  Not to be making excuses (hmmm) but after that last post, I went on my long overdue honeymoon, then there was all the holiday stuff, etc etc. OK.  So I will try to bang out a number of posts in the next week, to.. Read More

Testing Dye Colors

I’ve bought a number of Procion MX dyes lately, from both Dharma Trading and ProChemical, and decided to do some small samples. I soaked a narrow strip of fabric in soda ash and let it dry.  Then I cut it down into small squares, about 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 “. In little baggies, I put a small amount of water and tiny amount of each dye (perhaps an 1/8.. Read More