Results after using Pancake batter resist and  fabric dye, at

Pancake Batter Resist!

I've been trying to learn about different dyeing techniques, and recently, I tried a pancake batter resist.  Yes, pancake batter.  You've heard of using flour or other starches to create a resist for fabric dyeing. But I had a box of rather ancient pancak ...

Molasses Resist After Overdyeing

Molasses Resist Results

Hi - an actual reader other than my husband (Yay!) asked that I follow up on the results of my molasses resist, from back in October.  Not to be making excuses (hmmm) but after that last post, I went on my long overdue honeymoon, then there was all the ho ...

Making Procion MX Dye Color Samples, at

Testing Dye Colors

I've bought a number of Procion MX dyes lately, from both Dharma Trading and ProChemical, and decided to do some small samples. I soaked a narrow strip of fabric in soda ash and let it dry.  Then I cut it down into small squares, about 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 ". In ...