Spoonflower: Design Your Own Fabric!

I’ve been messing around with fabric design lately.  Spoonflower is a digital textile printing company, that will produce fabric based on your designs!  So I’ve been making some designs while simultaneously trying to learn photoshop.  My husband has the software, so I didn’t have to pay the huge expense.  And you don’t need to use photoshop, there are other tools that are open source (free) that are also very good. .. Read More

Floor Mat

Here’s the new doormat for inside the back door. I quilted it to batting (no backing) and then minimally quilted the whole thing to a piece of old towel, and bound it.  

Wall Quilt

I started this as part of a class I took at Sewing Expo. I left off the border that was included as part of the kit, as it seemed to just clash in my eyes. Wanted to just finish it up, so here it is.  Now if I only knew what I wanted to do with it…