The Borders are On!

Before I put the borders on, I felt it was looking a little blah. But I think these colorful borders spice it up a bit. Today I will work on piecing the back. I drafted a plan last night.

Color Palette for King Sized Quilt Project

  This is the color palette I am working on for my first king-sized quilt.  It will be based on the Paintbox quilt by  Elizabeth Hartman at Oh Fransson. I drafted a larger block size, and will only have 16 color combinations instead of 32.  Oh, and I think I am going to go with a darker sashing.  Undecided right now.

New Quilt on the Design Wall Today

Based on Falling Charms pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co, this is to be Kate’s quilt.  I was going to go with a random layout, but in the end decided on this warm to cool arrangement.  It seemed more interesting visually.