How to Make Great Screens for your Fiber Reactive Dye Printing – Part 2!

So somehow it’s been a month since part 1 of this post.  I’ll blame it on the quilt I needed to complete for my niece’s wedding. Which turned out great.  I’ll post about that soon.  But back to screen printing with dye.

Here is where we left off, with the screen complete and ready to use.

Screen Printing with Dye and a Silhouette, at

The next step is to prepare the 100% cotton t-shirt for dyeing.  This is an old shirt I just grabbed from my drawer.  It’s purple, and the dye I plan to use is black, so I think it will show well.  Always remember that dyes are additive, meaning that if you take a yellow shirt and add blue dye, you are going to get a green image. (more…)

How to Make Great Screens for your Fiber Reactive Dye Printing – Experiment #1

I’ve been on a voyage of experimentation, trying to understand how I can make a very detailed but easy to make screen for dye printing on fabric. We wanted a lot of flexibility with the screens, and we wanted them to be reusable and easily washed out. The method needed to work with very detailed designs as well as those with fewer precise cuts. I didn’t want to get into photo-resist screenprinting.  Having a good space for exposing a screen and washing out the resist was a problem. Here’s a peek at experiment 1:

Screen Printing with Dye and a Silhouette, at

The method we’ve been testing gets us 80% off the way to where we want to go. There is some fine tuning that we hope to present soon, but here’s what we have so far.  This is printing with fiber reactive thickened dye on cotton, but I’m sure this is all applicable to using inks or even some paints.  Thickened dye is just what we do.

Hand Dyed Triangle Quilt – Trying Layouts

I’m working on a triangle quilt made from my hand dyed fabric. It’s been a long process, as the quilt is big. It will be a gift, so I’ll only show a peek right now.  This picture doesn’t show the final layout, though.  I’ve actually got all the rows done now!  More on this later!Trying Layouts on the Design Wall, at

New Bee Quilt, and a Sad Day

My quilting bee has made another fantastic quilt this year, for the guild’s Heritage Day auction.  It turned out just wonderfully, even if it is a bit traditional for our tastes.  We started with some fabric that was donated – a kit with no directions. It was all blue and tan (very blah), so we added some red, and I made a design for it, based on the fabric we had.  The border fabric was a no-brainer, as it had a wide border design.  There are 25 star blocks in the middle in alternating colors, a couple smaller borders and the big border.  We sewed all the borders together as a unit and attached them at one time to the sides, before mitering the corners as a single unit. That was Noi’s very good idea.  I think this made it so much easier. I think everyone in the bee played a big role in the quilt. We had several ‘sew-together’ days, as well as block kits that folks took home with them.

Click along to see the queen size quilt and to understand our sadness.


A New Mat in the Kitchen

I’ve had a mat under my dish drainer in the kitchen for a couple of years, that was an applique I did. Although it was among one of my first projects, I’ve always liked it and was proud of it. You can see it here. Actually looking back, it’s been four years already!

It was time for a new mat, as the first one had been washed many, many times. I’ve actually been quite happy with how the raw edge applique has held up over time. Here I am auditioning some yellow fabric for the leaf shapes I have built.